Teen Twitter turns target employee into viral heart throb


Meghan DiGiovanna

After the Alex from Target viral sensation began so did its hashtag: #AlexFromTarget. The hashtag has started up campaigns such as “wear red tomorrow for #AlexFromTarget”. The campaign encourages Alex’s fans to wear red to show their love for the teenage sensation.

Meghan DiGiovanna

Boy crazy Twitter users were hit with a blow Nov. 2 after a picture of an adolescent Target checkout employee was uploaded. Within twelve hours the ordinary teen, dubbed “Alex from Target” became a viral sensation.

What has made this picture go viral? To put it simply whoever took the photo posted it to Twitter thinking their checkout guy, Alex, was hot and clearly the majority on teen Twitter has unanimously agreed.

“[Alex] is just a normal guy but hotter who got lucky when a stalker girl took a picture of him and tweeted it. then someone found his Twitter and he went viral. Lucky guy,” freshman Rae Nourie said.

Not only have most Twitter users seen Alex from Target but the picture has spread to all forms of social media and even been reported by the news. Target has tweeted responding to the phenomenon as well as Ellen Degeneres.

“He has taken social media by storm, I’ve seen him all over the internet,” freshman Amanda Jenson said.

Memes depicting fans love for Alex and fan fiction has run rampid across the internet and its hard to scroll down any sort of social media feed without seeing any kind of Alex from Target pictures or edits.

Immpressions on Vine and parodies have begun as well. More and more pictures of young employees social media finds attractive or funny are being posted such as “Kieran from T-Mobile” and from the popular StateFarm commercial, “Jake from StateFarm.

Not all agree with the Target workers claim to fame, arguing that the public has gotten worked up over nothing or that in their opinion Alex is not as attractive as social media has made him out to be.

“ [Alex is a] lucky guy but he isn’t even that hot I’ve seen hotter,” Nourie said.

Alex’s social media was eventually found and after he realized his serious upsurge of followers and attention he realized where that one picture had taken him. Though shocking at first he took his new found fame well.

“Am I famous now?… Now i have to change my number… if we sold AlexFromTarget mercy would you guys buy it?” Alex said over a series of Tweets Sunday evening.

At the moment the internet is chalk full of Alex from Target references, memes, campaigns such as “wear red for Alex from Target” and the hashtag #AlexFromTarget.

“[Alex] is hot from some angles but smoking hot,” freshman Kaitlyn Jiang said.