Ski Club starts winter season

Jordan Baker

Picture of people lining up for lessons at Perfect North. Many people come out to Perfect North for lesson. Photo edited by Jordan Baker.
People line up for lessons at Perfect North. Many people come out to Perfect North for lessons. Image by Jordan Baker.

Ski Club is a club that gives students the opportunity to learn to hone their skiing or snowboarding abilities. It is a good way to learn for those who want to start skiing or boarding.

“I am excited to try out Ski Club for the first time,” said Kevin Gunter, 10.

The club is run by Dr. Eugene Donatell.  Students who sign up go to Perfect North on Tuesdays.  The club goes 12 times total each year, and students don’t have to go every time the club does.

Students are allowed to bring their own equipment if they so choose.  They can place it in the locker room that is across from the choir room. If you don’t have your own equipment then you can rent equipment.

Something that is different from the Junior High Ski Club is that all the runs at Perfect North are open; including the terrain park.  It gives a much bigger area for members to ski or board on.

“I can’t wait to go out to Perfect North. It will be even better than last year,” said Christopher Gribler,10

In the chance that the weather isn’t good enough to go there is a makeup date that is sometime in March.

When signing up people have to choose a pass to have to participate.  A gold pass is a good deal if you are an avid snowboarder or skier.  It is a season pass and allows people to use it on the weekends.

The first date that Ski Club goes out is Tuesday, Dec. 10.  The bus leaves at 3:00 p.m. and gets back at 9:00 p.m.