Players utilize physical, academic strengths during sports season


Many athletes dedicate lots of time out of the week to sports. Practices and games happen almost every day after school. Each athlete needs to excel in school so they can excel in a sport they enjoy.

Caroline Bruns

During sport seasons, it can be hard to make time for sports and school. Although it may be difficult, many of the players continue to strive towards good grades and good plays.

“If we don’t keep our grades up we can’t play, and that makes me work hard, “sophomore Lena Harper said.

After school, many of the players have in between time to relax or do homework. Many players use this time to get ahead on their studies.

“Playing sports makes you get your homework done faster because you have a lot of stuff to do each night,” sophomore Abby Hallock said.

When trying to manage your time after school, use some of these tips.

“You have to study hard and learn fast because you have got so much going on, and it’s hard to do homework after a practice or game, especially if it runs late,” Hallock said.

Sports many times help high school students to stay on top of grades and to not procrastinate.