Reasons why you should get involved in extracurricular activities


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Varsity and sophomore basketball player Renee Foster involves herself in multiple school activities including soccer and basketball. Through her experiences as an athlete she has been molded to be a great team player and works well with others on and off the court.

Lauren Shassere

Make friends: Activities such as school sports and clubs allow students to get to know an entirely different group of people than those they encounter in their classes every day. Different grades, student types and personalities. Giving yourself more opportunities to get to know other students allows you to find people like you, with common interests.


Learn dedication: If you have not yet discovered what it means to be so interested in something or so passionate that you are willing to put aside many hours of hard work into it. Dedication is a great quality to have and helps you build character.


College applications: Getting involved in either your school’s extracurricular activities or your communities looks great to colleges. It shows that you know about commitment and sticking with something even though it is hard. Also, they want to know how active a member you would be if you were on their campus, and chances are if you were not very involved in high school you probably will not be in college either.


Gets you active: What good is wasting away your life sitting at home on the couch, watching Netflix? It is safe to say that the majority of students are not just doing homework from the time they get home until the time they go to bed. Free time can be used productively and get you moving.


Pride: Have something to be proud about, and use any talents you have and put them to use. That is great if you are an amazing artist, but what good does that do you if you are not making art? Maybe a person like that would shine most brightly participating in art club.