MAP-ping test opinions

Michaels hand
Students all over the world are part of the standardized testing system. Some students feel that the trouble of taking the tests is just not worth it. Photo courtesy of Ben Ruskin.

Look at the clock, then look at the computer screen, look at the clock again, then look at the computer screen: the cycle of MAP testing. Is it necessary?

“I think it is good that we have map tests, but it does not seem worth it to mess up the schedule,” said Jacob Spiegel, 9.

Some students feel map testing is a complete waste of resources, and the time that is taken completing these standardized tests could be used for something more productive.

“It’s not necessary and it’s a compete waste of student time,” said Tyler Miller, 10.

Other students found that the technology failed to often for the MAP tests to be relied on. Many teachers had to reschedule test-taking times, due to inefficient technology.

“It is too often that the tests are canceled because of technology difficulties,” said Sam Myers, 10. “I prefer that we just use scan-trons, or not do it at all,” said Myers.

As of right now every state in the U.S. is using some sort of standardized testing. Are the tests worth the hassle in the end?

Standardized tests have been around since the 1800’s and probably will not be going anywhere. These tests were taken more seriously after the No Child left Behind act in 2002.

Map testing; is it worth it in the big picture?