Hockey team skates against adversaries in Columbus


McDaniel's Photography

The tournament was also the team’s first games in the official season. However, exhibition games had already been played. For many the tournament was their first official varsity game.

Both the JV and Varsity hockey teams traveled to Columbus over Thanksgiving to compete in a tournament at the Dublin Chiller.  Although both teams had some tough games, Varsity ended on a high note, defeating Robert Baitman High School 5-1.

Goals were scored by sophomore Richard Nardi, senior Reese Allison, freshman Scott Allison, senior J.B. Henry and junior Jason Beaudry.

“We played really well against some of the best teams in the state, although we were always outnumbered,” junior Max Gottliebson said.

The other teams competing in the tournament were definitely worthy opponents, with one of the teams ranked second in the state.

“We learned a lot playing at a higher level,” Gottliebson said

In general, teams from more northern cities such as Columbus or Cleveland tend to have a large number of skilled players, due to the interest surrounding hockey there because of professional teams like the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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