Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’ flies high

Claire Lefton

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The six titular heroes build battle armor and super-suits. Each suit gives the wearer a power like speed, flying, and fire breath. Robotics and science play a great deal in film which is breaking the curve of a more magic-focused Disney brand.

The combined efforts of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Marvel Comics have come together to produce Disney’s newest release, “Big Hero 6”. This superhero comedy tells the story of a young genius who forms a team of superheroes.
“I like the concept of the movie. I also like how it wasn’t too predictable,” junior Max Poff said.
The story twists and turns through the colorful streets of fictional San Fransokyo to deliver the eccentric and diverse cast of characters consisting of four college students, a 14-year-old robotics prodigy, and a robot.
“I really like how it’s the first Marvel and animated Disney movie- it’s not a Disney princess movie,” sophomore Megan Combs said.
Disney took advantage of their Marvel ownership by adapting one of their less popular comic series to create a hybrid film utilizing its most valuable properties- Walt Disney Animation Studios and Marvel Comics.
“…we loved the idea of mash-ups — this is a Disney/Marvel mash-up. We wanted the city to be a mash-up of Eastern and Western culture and that’s what led to mashing up San Francisco and Tokyo,” directors Chris Williams and Don Hall said in an interview with Screen Rant.
For an action-packed and emotional journey, go see Disney’s “Big Hero 6”. For further information and ticket sales, visit the movie’s official website.