ACE bell battles alcohol abuse

The way alcoholism can effect a person varies, therefore solutions can vary. The topic has been discussed during ACE bells for prevention and solution .

“I personally do not know what alcoholics feel like, but I do know for a fact there must be some emptiness or depression there to force them towards such drastic measures in life.” said freshman, Keren Idelman.

Through the ACE meetings, students were taught how to spot an alcoholic, and how to help. These preventive measures were meant to ensure their safety and success.

“Unfortunately, we live in a society where we are, year after year, taught that alcohol is bad and that alcoholism is some untreatable epidemic. This makes people judgmental, and does not help.” said Idelman.

Alcoholism is a mental illness due to overconsumption and reliance on alcohol. Too much alcohol can cause many health issues, along with mood, behavior, and the ability to move and think clearly.

“I feel like there’s a rational mental instability behind every case of alcoholism.” said Idelman.