Finding, sticking to a New Year’s resolution


MCT Campus

Resolutions have been extremely trendy for the past few years. According to Statistic Brain, 45 percent of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions. In that percentage, only 10 percent actually succeed in their endeavors.

With winter approaching, winter break seems only a short distance away. During those two weeks a new year will arrive: 2015.

“New Year’s is always such a party. We stay up practically all night.” said freshman, Keren Idelman.

Oftentimes, those who wish to make a refreshing, positive change in their life will create a resolution for the New Year. The problem is, finding a resolution that will be kept can be challenging.

“It’s something I’ve given up on a lot in the past. They can be really hard to make and keep.” said Idelman.

Making a list of negative habits or guilty pleasures can contribute to the brainstorming process. Pick a few that sound doable, and keep narrowing down until there is only one option left.

After you decide on a resolution, whether it is keeping off of social media, working out or banishing the treats, stay clean through self control or keep an agenda to add it to the plans.

“I usually try to not really set goals, but just always be aware of whatever I decide on for the year.” said Idelman.

If you mess up, do not worry. A little indulgence every once in a while does not hurt. Go straight back to previous plans and try again.