Q&A with freshman Sydney Bahr


Sydney Bahr.

Here, Bahr is seen swimming backstroke in a meet. Bahr has developed backstroke as her number one stroke over the years and continues to improve on this stroke every chance she gets. During practice Bahr works on kicking to strengthen her legs and makes sure her form is right so that she can perform her best at competitions

Why did you join the swim team?

“I joined swim team because I really love to swim and be in the water. it really makes me feel calmer and is a good and fun way to stay in shape.”

How many years have you been swimming and why did you get started?

“I learned to swim 13 and a half years ago when my parents wanted me to have swimming as a skill.  I loved it and decided to keep swimming. That is when I started swimming for a team.”

What is your favorite stroke and why?

“My favorite stroke is backstroke which is probably why it is also my best stroke. After all the practice I have put into backstroke, it has become easy for me and I have discovered a lot of things to work on when practicing the stroke so it is always fun. Also, I like how backstroke is the only stroke where you can breathe freely and not worry about a breathing pattern.”

What was it like coming back from a shoulder injury?

“It was hard, because I was so out of shape when I returned, but I was so excited to come back. I missed all of my awesome friends and also missed just being in the water. Now that my shoulder is better I am very happy to be back and working on improving my times.”

What are your goals for this season?

“My goals are to drop at least three seconds off of my 100 backstroke time. Also, I  want to get under 35 seconds for my medley relay backstroke split.”

Will you do swim team next year?

“Yes, I love swimming. I don’t think I will ever quit.”

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