Winter weather brings hope of cancelation to Junior class


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Enjoyed by various different people, snow days present opportunities for choice and a rest from working their minds over tests and homework. The eve of these is typically spent in uncertainty where the individual can only guess, hope and wait for the call.

Snow day, what a beautiful sounding two words to the students’ ears. To them, it seems like an unexpected gift.  A whole day of relaxation or catching up, whether it is on sleep, homework or the latest episodes of their favorite tv show.

“I always get up at 5:45 am on possible snow days. I go on Facebook first and then check WLWT to see if it’s true,” junior Emma Galyon said.

The promise of a potential snow day always leaves its mark on social media where teens tweet away their hopes and prayers for a cancellation or delay. Unfortunately, seeing these sometimes leaves a feeling of assurance in the students and renders them depending on a snow day and not doing their homework or studying. And honestly, sometimes that works out. But you never know.

“When I hear that there could be a potential snow day I almost always bank on it. Which is probably not the best thing to do but I feel like it’s bad luck to do your homework for that day,” junior Brooklyn Morris said.

Excitement ignites and spreads like a wild fire throughout the class resulting in numerous students to stay up late and ignore their work.

“I like to stay up late and just hope for the best,” junior Aidan Geverdt said.

This “pressing pause “of the school week if done too soon without a guarantee of a day off is quite risky, especially in Sycamore which seems to almost never get off when there are rumors of potential snow days.

“Whenever I decide not to do my work it always ends up we have school, so I just act like we do and pray we don’t,” junior Courtney Reardon said.

While teachers may joke the day before about wearing your pajamas inside out and singing a snow day song, the actuality of preparing for a cancelation to most students consists of a lot of waiting, watching, and wishing.

“I talk to everyone I can about it. I look at the forecast and continue to hope,” junior Cherish Haruyama said.

Similarly to Haruyama’s method of handling the eve of a maybe day off of school, classmate Junior Savanna Asbrock also sits around the night before checking everything she can predicting the probability of a day off.

“I pray to the lord for a day of rest then check twitter followed by a weather report check and then I repeat. In addition I like to do a little dance just for kicks,” said Asbrock.

In a way, the possibility of snow days (whether they are granted or not) brings people together. Sharing similar behaviors and wishes for the day to follow to be a day of their choice. What they want to do with it is entirely up to them.