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Sarah Horne

Reading is a great way to escape into a new and creative world. It can show you different perspectives, can be entertaining and a great way to relax. The more you read the less it feels like a chore and can help you to comprehend information faster.

Sarah Horne, Associate Broadcast Editor

‘The Face on the Milk Carton’

Filled with realistic fiction and mystery this story walks you through the life of Janie Johnson, whose whole life is turned around when she finds her picture under the words “Missing Child” on a milk carton at school.

Janie is a regular teen with a normal family. But when her mom will not give her her birth certificate and she discovers her true name is not in fact Janie.  She starts asking questions and the answers she receives are beyond what she expected.


Thirteen reasons why:

When Hannah Baker commits suicide,  her story does not end there. Instead she leaves 13 tapes behind that travel around to the 13 students that played a part in her death.

When these tapes reach Clay Jenson, he has no idea why he is on them but he learns more as he listens to Hannah tell how her death unwound. This book shows suicide through a new perspective.



This book takes you straight into the apocalypse. When a virus breaks out five teens join up and have to learn to work together to survive.

Not only are they fighting for their lives but they must try to find a way to stop the virus and cure it before their whole world crumbles before their eyes.


The Giver:

In a future society where everyone is the same and there is no pain, 12 year old Jonas is appointed the receiver of memory. Instead of society remembering pain and suffering, the receiver of memory is chosen to hold in all memory of pain and suffering for society.

But when suffering is unknown, pure happiness is left in the dark. As Jonas discovers the true joys and horrors in the world it takes him on a journey that will change his life and the lives of everyone else.


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