Q&A with senior Nakul Narendran on upcoming Model United Nations conference


Atiya Dosani

Q: What has the club been doing to prepare for this conference?

A: We have had a series of club meetings during which we review proper committee etiquette and practice our speeches. During that time, the upperclassmen are also able to help out and guide the younger members who have never been to such a large conference like Model United Nations University of Chicago (MUNUC).

Q: What is MUNUC typically like?

A: The conference begins in the evening on Feb. 5 with an opening ceremony. After that, each delegate goes to their committee for a night session. Committee on Feb. 6 and Feb. 7 lasts all day with several breaks throughout the day where we can go out and get lunch or dinner. We have a few hours of free time on Saturday night so the SHS MUN club is going to go out and do something as a group. The last committee session is in the morning on Feb. 8, followed by a closing ceremony. We drive back on Sunday afternoon and return back to Cincinnati that night.

Q: What are your expectations for the club?

A: MUNUC is a huge conference with people from all over the country, as well as other countries, so we don’t expect to receive any huge awards like we do at other smaller conferences. We have received verbal recognitions in the past which is great. Overall, we just plan to do well in our committees but also have a good time.