ACE bell looks toward future


MCT Campus

There are more college applicants than ever, causing colleges to be pickier. Some Ivy League schools even dropped their acceptance rates to below 6% in 2013. This has caused these schools to be even more appealing to students.

With the school year already halfway over, plans for the next year have begun. Each class has a topic to focus on during the upcoming ACE bell.

“The ACE bell this week is on a few different types of planning depending on grade level. There will be scheduling for freshmen and sophomores, college meetings for juniors, and motivation and reflection for seniors.” said administrator, Mrs. Karen Bare.

A number of new, varied course options are to be added for the next school year. The underclassmen will learn about their upcoming opportunities and how the scheduling process will take place.

“It is really just important to make plans and know where you’re going with high school and your life.” said freshman, Rae Nourie.

The junior class will also learn about and explore their opportunities at colleges and plans for after graduation. Picking the best fit for the student is the main priority.

“Life is going to sneak up on you and things will change. I feel like it is best to actually know what that change is going to be like so you are prepared for it.” said Nourie.