JV girls fight hard


McDaniel's Photography

The JV girls fought hard against the Loveland Tigers JV team. They have improved a lot throughout the season. The team has 3 games left until the end of the season.

Caroline Bruns

On Monday, February 2, the Lady Aves JV  basketball team fought a hard battle against Loveland. The JV girls lost 32-36, but the girls were not devastated.

“I thought we played really well as a team,” said sophomore Abby Hallock.

The JV girls practice with varsity and have been gaining confidence and experience throughout the season. This week’s game was tough, but the girls are noticing an improvement.

“We did really well on scoring, but we need to work on defense,” said Hallock.

This season is coming to an end, and the team members have seen an improvement in skills and their bond has grown.

“We have three games left, and have really improved. I’m really sad because I love my team,” said Hallock.

The lady Aves have done well this season and continue to improve through these last few weeks.