Considerate counselors cleverly celebrated


MCT Campus

The School Counselor of the Year, finalists, and semifinalists were all honored in the White House. “This is where the ceremony needs to be. You have a White House that understands the work you do,” said First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Every first week in February, American School Counselor Association undergoes a festivity commemorating school counselors and all they do for students.

“If you ever need someone who will listen that you can trust, remember we are here for you.” said counselor, Megan Brenner.

Our counselors have been sending out weekly emails with counseling department updates, and this week, they will send out an email each day. Themes ranging from “resilience” to “being brilliant”, they encourage students to come to them for anything.

“Our job is to help each of you to reach your full potential and be successful. That’s what school counselors do: we help,” said Brenner.

This week of February 2 through February 6 will focus attention on the school counselor’s exceptional influence on students’ success.

“Your problems are our problems. It could be about anything that is giving you trouble. Come see us in the counseling department and we can talk through your challenges together,” said Brenner.