Hockey team honors seniors


These six seniors were recognized on the ice with their parents. To celebrate Senior Night, making senior boards and having underclassmen dress in unusual attire is also a tradition. They are encouraged to wear various suits and outfits that “stand out.” Photo courtesy of Joyce Koehl on Facebook.

The Varsity Hockey team had its Senior Night on Fri. Jan. 29, which included a recognition ceremony and a home game.  This occasion marks the last home game the seniors will play as Aviators.

“It was really exciting to watch,” freshman Rae Nourie said.

The seniors being recognized, Reese Allison, JB Henry, Cooper Davis, Andrew Snyder, Donald Hosea, and Brandon DeMaio were presented prior to the game with recognition and a few words from their parents.

Despite being highly anticipated, the game on Fri. Jan. 29 ended with a 0-0 tie against Alter although excitement over goals was lost, this was the team’s first shutout, meaning that they kept the other team from scoring at all.

“It was a shame that we did not win but we fought hard,” freshman Scott Allison said.

Members of the Sycamore Ave Cave brought fish and eels to through onto the ice when the first goal was made, a Senior Night tradition.  In the past, squids and octopus have also been included.

The Ave Cave rallied and threw some Mackerel at the end of the game anyway. Many buy these whole sea creatures at Cam, a local Asian supermarket that sells whole exotic fish.

“Even though they tied I was really hyped the whole time, it was fun,” Nourie said.

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