Winter snow a no show


MCT Photo

On average, Cincinnati receives 20 inches of snow each winter. Up to this point, the city is about a third of the way there with 6.4 inches of snow. Cincinnati has a couple of chances for snow in the upcoming ten day forecast.

There is a little more than a month left of winter and the city of Cincinnati has received 6.4 inches of snow this winter.

Compared to this time last year, Cincinnati had approximately 32 inches of snow from November to February.

“I love snow more than anything and this winter has definitely not lived up to my expectations,” sophomore Zachary Marks said.

It is not just Cincinnati that is lacking in the snow category; other surrounding cities such as Louisville, Columbus, and Indianapolis are all several inches under their average.

At the beginning of winter, The Farmer’s Almanac predicted one of the coldest and snowiest winters in the last 30 years.

“I recall listening to the meteorologists in early winter and remember them predicting one of the snowiest winters of all time,” sophomore Caroline Veraldo said.

SHS has had two snow days thus far, one resulting from a rare mid-November snowstorm and the other one from extreme cold temperatures.

SHS is given five calamity days for the entire school year. Last year, SHS used eight calamity days resulting in the implementation of the dreaded blizzard bags.

“Snow days are great but when we were introduced to blizzard bags last year, I would have rather gone to school,” senior Jeffrey Ferrell said.