Sycamore rocks out to SEE1


SEE1 bassist Peter McCutchen and first violinist Andrew Leonard have fun at rehearsal in the auditorium. The group will spend every evening in the week leading up the show together, practicing playing with a rock and roll attitude. The stage has been set up with platforms and a professional light and sound system for the show. Photo courtesy of Jenna Bao.

There are few occasions when the concepts of violins and rock and roll and school musical groups and professional light displays all come together at a high school auditorium in Cincinnati, OH. Friday, Feb. 13 will be one of them.

SEE1, SHS’s electric ensemble, will have their annual concert on Friday at 7:00 p.m. They will perform rock and jazz pieces by Muse, ACDC, Joe Deninzon, and others.

“I’m a little nervous because it’s my first concert and I’ve never really been on stage like this before. But, I’m excited and I hope it goes well,” freshman Sophia Ramos said.

SEE1 is inviting singer and lead violinist of the rock group Stratospheerius, Joe Deninzon, to play and sing with the group. While here, he will also present to all Sycamore orchestras.

“I have been amazed to hear these guys rehearse because they each bring their individual talents to the stage to form one amazing experience,” student teacher Miss Abigail Marosi said.

In preparation for the concert, SEE1 members are meeting every evening leading up to show and practicing in the auditorium during orchestra bells.

“The most beautiful thing about SEE1 is the fact that each individual talent is shown through a sense of unity that can’t be achieved without our closeness as a group,” senior Andrew Leonard said.

Tickets can be purchased during lunch in the days preceding the show and can also be purchased online and picked up at the show. They will also be available at the door.