‘Meninists’ take over media


MCT Campus

The hundred year old feminist movement’s response to the oppression is bitter. Often, feminists even create sarcastic parodies of the ‘meninist’ parodies. Each parody starts another, and in the end, might make the true meaning of feminism go rogue.

Emily Chien, Staff Writer

All over social media, an anti-feminist movement has recently been surged. Taking down every feminist belief through puns, jokes, and rude remarks, these men, and some women, have become extremely popular.

“It is terrible because it completely disregards everything that the feminist movement has tried to accomplish in the past,” said freshman, Hannah Rozenson.

The satirical belief makes a joke of feminism by flipping the roles of the genders and complaining about men’s rights in a similar way to feminists.

“To be honest, it is really just annoying. I feel like guys feel attacked by feminists and the only way they know to respond is with sarcasm. It is just rude,” said Rozenson.

A popular twitter account, @MeninistTweet even has almost 700,000 followers and over 2,000 tweets. Each tweet is crude.

“I mean, it would be a major setback for feminism if people actually believed the stuff they say.  Hopefully, no one actually takes these tweets seriously,” said Rozenson.