Q&A with sophomore Ayanna Boben and Sara Lu


Photo courtesy of Hayley Kennedy.

After competing at districts over the weekend the Mock Trial season comes to a close. The team had been working on their clase since September and were coached by volunteer attorneys. They worked on their case that simulated a courtroom and learned about the judiciary system. source:sycamoreschools.org

Why do you participate in Mock Trial?

Boben: “ I like how interesting the cases are and enjoy unfolding them. It takes us a lot of thought process and teamwork.”

Lu:  “It is really fun and interesting and also helps you with public speaking skills.”

Why is Mock Trial important to you?

Boben: “I think it’s great for high schoolers to be able to experience a glimpse of the legal system.”

Lu: “It is a competition team where you receive a law case and you argue for either a plaintiff side or the defense side and you can be either a witness or an attorney.”

What do you do in Mock trial?

Boben:  “I’m a bailiff, so basically my job is to sometimes swear in the witnesses and time the attorneys in their opening and closing statements, as well as direct and cross examinations of witnesses.”

Will you participate in Mock Trial next year? Why or why not?

   Boben: “I will since it is a great club with a diverse group of smart kids and I believe it is a fun club.”

How did  you feel going into districts?

Boben: “I felt great going into districts since we have outstanding attorneys and witnesses and they all know their stuff.

What is your favorite memory from Mock Trial?

Boben: “So far, my favorite memory would be when my team and I went to court downtown.”

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