Garden Club plans for next meeting


Photo courtesy of MCT Photo

Garden Club has planted everything from large pumpkins to baby tomatoes. The club recently applied for a grant to build a garden on school property. However, they did not receive the grant so the club just plans to have a few more fun meetings for the rest of the year.

Atiya Dosani

Although it is a relatively new group, Garden Club has gathered a strong base of members. Since its creation in 2012, the club has approximately 50 members and continues to grow.


The club has space in the City of Montgomery’s greenhouse on Cornell Road to grow various fruits, vegetables, and herbs. While the winter has decreased the amount of meetings, Garden Club will meet on Feb. 26 after school.


“I love going to Garden Club because it’s just laid back and gardening is the best stress reliever,” senior Clara Chuey said.


The group will meet at the front office on Thursday and then walk over to the greenhouse, which is located right across the street from the SHS building.


“In honor of the cold weather, the meeting will be summer-themed,” senior and Garden Club co founder Katie Steinberg said.


Although the temperature outside is cold, the greenhouse is heated and will therefore be comfortable for the meeting.


“We hope everyone who comes to the meeting will bring tropical or summery fruits to eat and then plant,” said Steinberg.


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