Preview for Prom

Elizabeth Rickert

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Seniors Alexandra Schille and Ryan Gantzer enjoy their junior prom at Coney Island. The prom location has been moved to Oasis Country Club on May 16. The date is unusually late due to other conflicts.

Prom is a dance for juniors and seniors that is anticipated by freshman and sophomore everywhere. The dance is being held unusually late this year on May 16 due to the increase in testing and other events such as Relay for Life.

It will be at Oasis Country Club in the main ballroom.

“We chose Oasis over other locations because they are very cooporative, are in our budget, and have a good collection of snacks to choose from,” Junior Class President Max Weiss said.

The food will include a chocolate fountain, appetizers, water and soda, and fruit. The main attraction, of course, is the music. The DJ is going to be Patrick Clark or ‘Big Juicy Ham’. He has done SHS proms for the past eight years.

“We’re expecting some fantastic music and a really good time,” Weiss said.

Prom preparation began at the beginning of the year for juniors in Student Council but has been increasing in the past few weeks. Juniors are the class that plans and pays for Prom. The first event they must prepare for is Prom Fair.

“I’ve always thought of Prom Fair as the event that gets people thinking about Prom,” Junior Madeleine Driscoll said.

Prom Fair occurs during lunch. It involves juniors and seniors from Student Council dressing in gowns and tuxedos from local businesses. This year Bridal and Formal, and Folchi’s Formal Wear are going to be contributing to the show.

“I’m so excited to participate in prom fair. It seems so far away [April 24] but it really isn’t,” Driscoll said.