Measles Outbreak spawns from Disney Land


The measles outbreak is mainly affecting California. It is believed the outbreak began in Disney Land. It has led to multiple cases across the country. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Meghan DiGiovanna

Is Disneyland truly the happiest place on earth? With over 102 cases of the measles linked to Disneyland in January some are not so sure.

Before the measles vaccine the average yearly number of measles cases was 549,000. Although 102 cases does not compare, the recent spike has caused worry.

The outbreak may have been caused by those who are not vaccinated for measles. Although no person can force parents to vaccinate their children many schools require their students be vaccinated but there are ways for families to opt out.

“During the last school year, 3.3% of California kindergartners — about 18,200 — were allowed to skip vaccinations, according to the CDC. The vast majority of exemptions were due to personal beliefs,” CNN reported.

People choose not to be vaccinated for many reasons. For some it is for religious reasons and for others it is because they think it is unsafe to be injected with a vaccine they know very little about.

“It’s not my responsibility to inject my child with chemicals,” Dr. Jack Wolfson told CNN.

For a long time the measles disease has been disregarded despite it being a very serious disease. Measles brings fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, and sore throat.

Along with the measles outbreak has come a panic outbreak. Many Americans who are pro-vaccination are blaming those who do not vaccinate.

In one case, actress and mother Kristen Bell spoke to “The Hollywood Reporter” telling them how protective she was about non-vaccinated people coming near her children.

“When [my son] Lincoln was born [in March 2013], the whooping cough epidemic was growing, and before he was 2 months old, we simply said [to friends], “You have to get a whooping cough vaccination if you are going to hold our baby,” Bell told The Hollywood Reporter.

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