Saturday Night Live sketch sparks controversy


ISIS is an extremist group in Iraq. The organization is responsible for multiple deaths. The group threatens many minorities. Photo by MCT Campus.

Meghan DiGiovanna, Staff writer

Is ISIS funny? NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) thinks so. A recent skit featuring “50 Shades of Grey” star Dakota Johnson pushed the boundaries by taking a shot at ISIS.

The skit spoofed the heartfelt Toyota Super Bowl commercial featuring a father dropping his daughter off at the airport as she leaves for the army.

“SNL” found a way to turn the emotional moment into a full-fledged [advertisement] for ISIS, lampooning the recent swarm of young girls who have fled to Syria to [join] the extremists,” wrote “The New York Post”.

In the skit, rather than the daughter being dropped off at the airport to set off for the army she is met by a jeep filled with armed ISIS members.

“Don’t worry Dad, it’s only ISIS,” Dakota Johnson said when her character was told to be careful.

With the recent issues regarding ISIS as well as the many young adults being lured into the organization guilty of such hostility and murders it is not hard to find that SNL went a little too far.

“Death to America,” said a cast member while portraying an ISIS member during the skit.

The issues regarding the skit have blown up on social media and sparked outrage among many viewers and fans of SNL.

To watch the skit click here