New ‘Cinderella’ movie dances around sexism controversy

Amy Deng

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“Cinderella” came out on March 13. Lily James plays Cinderella, she is best known for her role on “Downton Abbey.” She was also hit with controversy over her “tiny waist” with people saying it was un-proportional. Photo Courtesy: MCT Campus

The 2015 version of the 1950 animated classic was a box-office success. However, it has been labeled as being sexist towards females and the way they are treated.

“I haven’t seen the movie yet but the concept of a young girl being abused in some way by her stepmother is harsh and a little sexist,” freshman Sarah Abraham said.

Depicting a woman in need of saving from her troubles by a man can spell trouble. Girls need to learn how to solve their own problems without the help of boys.

The positive takeaway is the stepsister’s transformation into a princess. But “Cinderella” can erode attempts to teach empowerment.

“I really like the overall story of ‘Cinderella’ but if you look at the layers underneath, it can turn into a serious topic,” sophomore Anais Cabello said.

Kids learn about themselves, other people, and the world by what they see and hear. Movies that show certain stereotypes can influence children to think in a different way.

Subtle messages in the media can change the way kids think and behave.

“I think that people should not see the movie as sexist, it’s just for entertainment purposes,” Cabello said.

As kids grow and mature, they will develop a better sense of understanding of fairytales and will realize that it is not as true as it seems.

They will not take into perspective the views presented underneath the plotline.