Physics classes launch catapults


Photo courtesy of Julie Haverkos

One of the accelerated physics classes tests their catapults in the back gym during class. Students receive one point for getting the beanbag on the board and four for launching the bag into the board’s hole. The final winners will be determined on March 27.

Atiya Dosani

Each year, the accelerated physics classes build catapults to help further their understanding of projectiles.


“It was actually pretty fun since we went into the back gym and had a competition to see who could get the most points by launching beanbags into corn hole boards,” junior Alex Taylor said.


After the first round of launching, those with the highest scores were placed on a bracket to determine the class champions for each bell.


Taylor and his partner, junior Yangxing Ding, became the class champions of Ms. Julie Haverkos’ sixth bell class.


“We weren’t really expecting to win today, but we found some weights laying around so we used them to stabilize our board, which ended up making our launches a lot more accurate,” said Ding.


Taylor and Ding will face the other class champions on March 27 to determine the overall physics catapult champion.


For each round that they advance, students will receive extra credit toward their grade.


“We aren’t being too competitive about this, but free points are free points,” said Ding.