• No School - Spring Break - Mar.14 - Mar.18
  • No School - Spring Vacation Day - April 15
  • HS Theatre Spring Show - April 8-9
  • End of 3rd Quarter - Mar. 31
  • HS One Act Plays- April 13 at 7pm
  • No School - Prof. Development Day - April 25
The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

CURIOSITY. Students in biology are challenged with a final project focusing on invasive species. They were instructed to research their chosen species and pitch a management plan. Some students chose visual posters and slideshows, while others constructed songs and games. Through this project, I learned how to tackle a big task, such as this assignment,  step-by-step while managing my time, said Grace Zhang, 9.

Biologists display projects

Madeleine Suh, Staff Writer
May 14, 2018
REVISE. Advanced biology student Caitlin Schipper, 10 looks over a fellow students project. The project is about the possible extinction of bees including risks and available solutions. Students will use their final research in any format they choose which could include but is not limited to a video, board game, slide show, speech, or graphic.

Students explore biology

Lydia Masset, Staff Writer
April 26, 2018
Kevin Mercurio, 10

Kevin Mercurio, 10

Jenna Bao, Executive Editor
April 17, 2018
Luis Pereda, 11

Luis Pereda, 11

Jessica Lu, Staff Writer
March 28, 2018
COLDER THAN ICE. On Fri., March 23, all chemistry classes experienced Liquid Nitrogen Day. Chemistry teachers Mr. Chad Husting and Mrs. Margaret Stone used liquid nitrogen donated by the Wright Brothers, Inc. gas company to demonstrate the interesting results of the chemicals varied properties. A student favorite was the demo where Stone soaked crackers in the liquid nitrogen and allowed students to eat them. When the students exhaled with the crackers in their mouths, nitrogen gas streamed out of their noses.

Chemists dabble in Nitrogen

Anisa Khatana, Staff Writer
March 23, 2018
ANTICIPATION. Sophomores Anupama Narayana, Alice Lundgren, and Deeptangshu Chatterjee prepare for the first section of the TEAMS competition. The competition had three parts; the first was comprised of 80 multiple choice questions that asked primarily math-based questions about engineering scenarios. The sophomore team found themselves frustrated and unsure about many of the problems, and frazzled queries abounded as teammates consulted each other for assistance. “Why is it a trapezoid? It should be a square! I literally don’t ask for much in life,” said Chee Yin (Daniel) Leong, 10, team member, while attempting to answer one question. All photos courtesy of Anisa Khatana.

Engineering of teamwork

Anisa Khatana, Staff Writer
March 1, 2018
TO THE TOP. Senior Max Snyder places a tennis ball on top of a straw tower while seniors Matthew Isakson and Jodie Lawson look on. They were challenged to design and build towers that would support a tennis ball. The seniors received first overall while the sophomores placed second among all freshman and sophomore teams.

TEAMS of young engineers achieve victory

Harsimran Makkad, Executive Web Editor-in-Chief
February 26, 2018

Science in Action

Anisa Khatana, Staff Writer
February 4, 2018
ACHIEVEMENT. Junior high and high school students present their projects at the annual high school science fair. For many, this is the opportunity to explore and delve into fields they may not be able to in the classroom. Those who received a superior rating on Jan. 27 will advance to the UC Science and Engineering Expo, where they can win various monetary awards and scholarships.

‘Beyond the classroom’

Harsimran Makkad, Executive Web Editor-in-Chief
January 27, 2018
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