‘Beyond the classroom’

Young scientists present experiments at high school science fair


Harsimran Makkad

ACHIEVEMENT. Junior high and high school students present their projects at the annual high school science fair. For many, this is the opportunity to explore and delve into fields they may not be able to in the classroom. Those who received a superior rating on Jan. 27 will advance to the UC Science and Engineering Expo, where they can win various monetary awards and scholarships.

  At the beginning of the school year, students in grades seven through 12 were given the opportunity to research and experiment outside of the classroom in fields of their interest.

  For several months, 12 students at the high school prepared their innovative projects, which they exhibited visually, verbally, and through a written report at the high school science fair on Jan. 27.

  “The science fair provides the opportunity for students to explore their passions in science. So many want to pursue it in the future, and this is the chance for them to begin finding what interests them at the high school level,” said Mrs. Mary Palmer, the science fair co-sponsor.

  On the day of the fair, all participants set up their trifold boards in the Hub and presented their findings to a pair of judges, who evaluated the projects according to how the scientific method was applied, the quality of the board and report, and the presentation.

  From this criteria, the studetns received either a good, excellent, or superior rating.

  “This is time for students to improve their presentation skills and talk to people who are maybe in the science field that they wish to pursue,” Palmer said.

  Those who received a superior rating are invited to advance to the district science fair held at the University of Cincinnati (UC) on March 10.

  This year, ten high school students will be presenting at the UC Science and Engineering Expo Fair.

  Those who recieve a superior rating at UC will be invited to advance to the State Science Day at the Ohio State University, which will be held in May.

  Participants can also qualify for the Buckeye Science Fair on April 7, a stepping stone on the way to the international Intel Science and Engineering Fair.

  “There are so many more people participating this year and getting involved, particularly at the Junior High level. This year is definitely a major comeback. We are excited to see where everything goes,” said Mrs. Julie Haverkos, the science fair sponsor.