Scientists continue presentations at District Science Fair

13 students participated in the UC Science and Engineering Expo on March 11. Eight students were from the high school.

These students had all received superiors at high school Science Fair, which was held on January 28. The fair at UC was the next level.

At UC, students received award money and scholarships. 12 of them received the opportunity to advance to the Ohio State Science Day in May.

“What makes Science Fair so amazing is that the students do work outside the classroom, pursuing their own passions and interests. It provides a real-world experience,” said Mrs. Beth Quinones, Science Fair sponsor.

Four high school students also got invited to attend the Buckeye Fair,  held on April 1. From this fair, a select number of students get chosen to participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair.

We went to Buckeye last year and made it to the second round of judging, which is amazing. But we didn’t get to Intel. We have another chance this year,” said Benjamin Charnay, 12.

He and his twin brother Aaron Charnay attempted to make ethanol fuel from bamboo, an ongoing project from previous years.

“I have had the opportunity to see students grow each year as they keep coming back to participate, from shy to confident. I love how Science Fair builds pride, confidence, and character.

“What’s amazing about having high school students do the Science Fair is that they are not jaded; they don’t know their limits. That’s why they’re so successful. It’s such a culminating experience,” Quinones said.