Students explore biology


Lydia Masset

REVISE. Advanced biology student Caitlin Schipper, 10 looks over a fellow students project. The project is about the possible extinction of bees including risks and available solutions. Students will use their final research in any format they choose which could include but is not limited to a video, board game, slide show, speech, or graphic.

Freshman and sophomore biology students have recently begun working on their end of the year research project. The overarching theme of the project is environmental concerns. Some teachers are allowing their students to pick an aspect of climate change, an endangered or invasive species as their research topics, some are only allowing for students to pick an invasive species.

“It’s very interesting to learn about the hints you do affect the environment and how this could all be prevented,” said Caitlin Schipper, 10, an advanced biology student.

This means the projects could fall anywhere between dying honeybees to melting icebergs. Students also have the choice of how they want to present their research.

Besides just the topic of project students enjoy the change of pace of the way the project is formatted.

“I think doing a project is a lot more helpful than reading a textbook and lectures so I’m really enjoying this project and all of the steps we have to go through so I actually understand it,” said Isabelle Henry, 9.

While the project is a nice change from the norm for some students others feel the stress of the assignment setting in.

“I appreciate that they are trying to let us structure our education similar to what they are doing in Synnovation Lab, however, the uncertainty of new experiences and deadlines and curriculum can be stressful,” said Kelley Kossanyi, 10.

On May 14, biology students will be missing their first four bells to present their projects in a Science Fair-esque manor. Teachers anticipate notable community members, parents, and elementary students will be some of those in attendance to view the projects.