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For more information on when you will be taking each test check your student email account. The PARCC test will be distributed to all freshmen. Also any students in Algebra 1, Scientific Investigations, Government, and American History will take PARCC.

Within the next two weeks, students will be taking the PARCC test. Here are the top tips for the best results on the mandated standardized tests.

  • Do not panic: Having a good attitude when walking into your testing room trying to stay calm and focused can greatly improve results. The tests are set up so time is not an issue and everyone finishes. No matter if you are the first or last to turn in your test as long as you know you did your best the amount of time will not be the part that is remembered.
  • Skip it: If you come across tricky questions skip them and come back later. Sometimes it is not the question that is hard but the organization of the test. By moving on, you are exposing yourself to the test style which will help with the skipped question and make it so time does not run out.
  • Be comfortable: Test taking time is the best time to pull out the sweatpants and sweatshirts. Dress for comfort during test time so you can be calm and more focused on the test instead of what you are wearing.
  • Breakfast: Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your test taking skills. It might not seem like much especially if you normally just skip breakfast but the food you put into your body is really your fuel during the test, so come prepared.
  • Pencils: Bring your own number two pencils. This might sound silly but coming prepared and ready is a great way to start getting your mind focused on the test. It will also make you more relaxed knowing you are ready.
  • Look over answers: By the time you answer the last question the last thing you are going to want to do is to look over all the questions again. But by looking at them all you could catch an accidental error. Maybe you marked ‘D’ when you knew the obvious answer is ‘C’. Double checking will assure you that you put forth your best effort.
  • Instincts: When looking over a question or debating between two answers, go with your instincts. Do not change the answer unless you are certain you put down the wrong one. Instincts are normally right and you could just be second guessing yourself.

Source: Fastweb

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