Q&A with sophomore Maggie Busch


Photo courtesy of Maggie Busch.

“In the future I would like to dance in college but I do not plan on dancing professionally.” Busch is shown practicing an Arabesque. An Arabesque is a move she learned while taking ballet.

Where do you dance and how long have you been dancing?

“I dance at the Studio for Dance and have been dancing for nine years.”

Why do you enjoy dance and continue doing it?

“I enjoy dancing because it is where all the stress of the day goes away and it is something I feel comfortable with and look forward to.” 

What is your favorite memory from your dance experience?

“One of my favorite memories from dance is the when I got to travel to Canada and perform with an orchestra.”

What has dance taught you?

“My dance experience has taught me a lot of life skills like patience and how to be self-motivated.”

How does your dance life connect to your school life?

“Dance is a great way for me to take a break from all the stress throughout the day and focus on something else.”

To learn more about the Studio for Dance where Maggie practices click here.