Q&A with sophomore Sara Lu


Photo courtesy of Sarah Horne.

When packing for an international trip plastic bags can help prevent any spills in a suitcase and keep items separate. Also they can be used to separate dirty cloths from the clean ones. Plastic bags allow people to keep everything organized so they can be sure they have everything necessary or the trip.

Sarah Horne, Associate Broadcast Editor

   What are you looking forward to on the AP Euro trip?

“I am looking forward to being introduced to the many cultures of the places we are going to visit. In class we have learned about the history of the countries we are going to visit, but it will be completely different experiencing it first hand.”

What sights are you excited to see?

“I am most excited to see Versailles, France after being shown pictures of it since it looked really beautiful.”

   How long have you been preparing and thinking about this trip?

   “Last year we signed up for the Europe trip, but I did not really think about it until last month when I started to get really excited.”

What destinations are you most excited to visit?

   “I am most excited to go to Florence, Italy, since it sounds very fun and relaxing.”

   What is it like packing for an international trip?

“Packing for an international trip is really hectic. One trick I learned to make packing a little easier is to roll my clothes instead of folding them to allow for more room in my suitcase.”

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