Q&A with sophomore Danielle Pratt


Photo courtesy of sophomore Sara Lu.

While on the Europe trip students traveled extensively and saw many different places while experiencing a new culture. They had been learning all about Europe in class and the trip gave them the opportunity to experience it first hand. Their travel gave them a new experience and knowledge about what they had been learning.

What was your favorite memory from AP Eurotrip?

“My favorite memory was when we got to try Gelato ice cream.”

What did you do on the trip?

“On the trip we walked around London, Paris, Florence, Assisi, and Rome and got to see all the important landmarks and museums. We also got to learn a lot about the country’s cultures.”

What was the most memorable moment on the trip?

“When we got to walk through the Louvre it was amazing since it was so big and had so many different art pieces.”

Why do you think going to Europe is important?

“It is important to travel to Europe since you get to see so many different cultures and enjoy a lot of unforgettable experiences. Also, you get to learn and see all the different places for yourself and not just through pictures.”

What did you learn on the trip?

“I realized how crazy European drivers are and all about the culture.”

Do you ever want to go back to Europe now that you have been there?

“Yes, I really hope to go back someday. It was a wonderful experience.”