Selecting ‘The Selection’


Photo courtesy of Sarah Horne.

‘The Selection’, is a book for readers who enjoy action and romance novels. It is also a series with many different parts and characters. Different Novellas are narrated by different characters giving readers multiple points of views.

Sarah Horne, Associate Broadcast Editor

“The Selection” is a novel written by Kiera Cass, that follows America Singer through the royal process of being chosen one of 35 girls to have the chance to be the princes wife in the kingdom of Illéa.

With many twists and turns America goes from not wanting anything to do with royalty to beginning to fall for the prince but being royalty is not all glamour.

From rebel attacks to dealing with the responsibility of a kingdom the reader is watching everything America begins making choices that she never imagined she would have to make.

This book is part of a series with novels and novellas. The order is…

  1. The Queen (Novella about the prince’s mother and how she become queen)
  2. The Prince (Novella about the prince and his life leading up to The Selection)
  3. The Selection (Book one about the Selection from America’s point of view)
  4. The Elite (Book Two that continues the selection process)
  5. The Guard ( Novella from Aspen’s point of view)
  6. The Favorite (Novella is released on Oct. 6, 2015)
  7. The One (Book three in the series that completes The Selection)
  8. The Heir (Book four in the selection series that is released on May 5, 2015)