Practicing on and off season


Photo courtesy of McDaniels photography.

Kast signals for a pass down the pool in their game against Milford. During conditioning the team will be able to scrimmage each other and work on teamwork skills.This will help them improve for the future games to come.

Sarah Horne, Associate Broadcast Editor

The water polo teams start pool and dry land conditioning for next season.

For most people next fall is far off, but for the boys and girls water polo teams preparation is in full swing for the upcoming season.

After everyone returned from spring break the team started conditioning every Tuesday and Wednesday.

The team will be practicing for an hour each Tuesday and Wednesday after school.

“I hope we have high attendance and intensity in order to prepared us for the upcoming season,” junior Hannah Kast said.

The team will be working on skills and strengthening themselves in and out of the water. They will also play scrimmages and improve their game.

These practices will also allow for team bonding since the team will be divided into smaller teams and will be competing for points during conditioning. The team who ends up with the most points in the end wins.

“I’m excited for conditioning since we will be able to get back together with the team,” Kast said.

The team will also continue conditioning in the summer.

“It’s important since we get physically stronger and also bond when we workout together,” Kast said.

Conditioning is also open to anyone who wants to join water polo next season.  For more information click here.