Good manners still matter


Senator Thomas Bakk is a supporter of the no beverage policy on the senate floor. Since water is available just outside the room, he does not see a need for there to be water for speakers. Bakk has been in office since 2013.

Max Torem, Staff Writer

Everybody has been told when he or she was growing up to keep good eye contact when they are talking to someone. Minnesota has taken this to a new level.


The Minnesota Senate has decided to uphold its rule that forbids members from looking around the room or at one another when someone is speaking. The rule also bans any kind of beverage on the Senate floor.


“Why wouldn’t you be allowed to have water? It’s a necessity for life and they will not even let you have it,” sophomore Nathan Borchers said.


The issue arose and went to a 15-44 vote, the Senate decided to keep its current requirement that all speakers must glance at the president.


“I don’t understand how this will make the Minnesota Senate any more efficient,” sophomore David Greenberger said.


The Senate also considered on whether or not senators and the other staff should be permitted water on the Senate floor.


“It’s not pop, it’s not beer, it is just H2O,” a supporter of water Sen. Torrey Westrom said.


Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk said that food and drinks are banned from the floor because they could damage the historic desks. Bakk also added that water is available just a few steps away from where senators sit.