Sticking to the point


Taylor Close

The StickNFind is a quarter-sized device that helps you locate an object from almost anywhere. Produced by StickNFind, the device is only $49.99.

Is there anything worse than misplacing a prized possession and having to deal with the hopelessness of never finding it in all-too-desolate journeys of frantic searching and desperate quests of foraging? No. StickNFind, however, may hold the solution to all our issues.

Approximately the size of a quarter, the small device uses Bluetooth technology to interact from a range of up to 100 feet. Simply place one of the stickers on an object of your choice, and use the StickNFind app to locate it when necessary.

“I lose my stuff all the time, so having these would probably be super helpful to me on a daily basis,” freshman Gabrielle Yun said. “Maybe I’ll even lose stuff on purpose so I can experience the thrill of finding it again.”

Your phone will sound an alarm if the device makes its way out of the 100-foot range, and will help you narrow down an approximate location.

“That’s great,” freshman Zachary Berger said. “That’d be really convenient and useful when I’m trying to keep track of all my stuff.”

You can order your own StickNFind here for only $49.99.