Eliminating painful vaccinations

Benjamin Brynjulfson-Reardon, Media Editor

The syringe instills fear into thousands of people who despise getting shots.

The often lifesaving vaccines within these fear-inducing needles must be administered to the blood stream by a specialist; this can be an inconvenience for those far from a clinic while in need or those that hate takings shots.

Luckily in recent events, Georgia Tech has been creating a new type of vaccination treatment in the form of an inch-sized patch covered in microscopic needles.

Around 100  of these microscopic needles would puncture the skin and then dissolve into the user, so small that people using the patch will not feel pain.

The patch has been in development for around 20 years and could eliminate the waste factor with full-sized needles; the needles on the patch dissolve, so it can be thrown away unlike a normal needle.

The hope is that the patches will cost less than a normal needle and allow the public to eventually administer it without a specialist, making vaccine medicine easily available and pain free.