High jumpers soar this season


Photo by McDaniel’s Photography

Meghan DiGiovanna

Sophomore, Angelea Ruffin represents the Varsity girls at the recent tri-meet at Kings High School.

The high jumpers have been practicing since this fall during optional practices and through the winter season after practices up until now practicing outside in their regular location at the track with the hopes that practice will make perfect.

With a strong team, the high jumpers are ready to compete and hopefully repeat past victories with their upcoming meets this spring season.

High jump practice usually consists of warm ups and training. Drills include pop ups, scissors, and full jumps. The jumpers usually practice every day.

“I hope that [the athletes] can learn the fantastic and intangible things that come through partaking I sport and competition… I pray it will be something positive for [their] lives,” Coach Janet  Boyle said.