French scholars immerse into culture

Ellen Martinson

Hannah Brown, 11, and fellow French students learn a dance from “Les Miserables,” a popular French film and book. Students were required to speak French for the entire day. It was difficult to express themselves without reverting back to English. Photo Courtesy of Alexis Corcoran.

Fifty seven AP and French four students loaded onto two buses and traveled to Wright State University.  They participated in French Immersion Day at the University, participating in many cultural activities.

The advanced students signed a contract before they went: they had to speak French for the entire day, including the bus rides. This transition into the French language allowed them to put their speaking skills to the test.

Some students found it difficult to express what they wanted to say.

“My mind kept switching between English and French so it was really hard to say some things. It got frustrating but I’m glad I stuck with it,” said Jessie Hobart, 11.

The annual event always has a theme. This year, the theme was “Les Miserables,” a popular French film and book. Students participated in activities which reflected the popular movie.

Some of the activities included taste-testing bread and butter from the 19th century, learning dances from the film, taking interactive quizzes on Victor Hugo, as well as many more.

“My favorite was definitely the dancing,” said Brennon Shanks, 11.