SHS considers starting earlier

One of the issues many students are facing is the fact that semester exams will be after a two-week long winter break. Frustrated students are extremely discontent with this.

“If exams are after break, how are we supposed to remember all the information that we’ve learned up until this point? I know I will forget most of what I know right now,” freshman Atit Pathak said.

However, SHS has taken notice of this frustration from students within the district. In response, the school is considering beginning school earlier in August, along with schools like Mason and Indian Hill.

This will in turn move the semester exams to before winter break.

“I would be so much more happy if exams were earlier. This way, we wouldn’t have to relearn everything we learned through months of teaching,” Pathak said.

Although starting school early does have this advantage, the small, minute disadvantage for many students are simply just school starts earlier.

“I don’t mind starting school early, but in all arguments, people are going to disagree about something no matter what,” Pathak said.

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