Athletes sign with colleges


Nathan Zhang

Seniors Lisa Ruffin, Victoria Swart, Maddie Locke, Ben Thiss, Ryan Wahler, Nakul Narendran, and Deepak Indrakanti sign with their college to play sports. The event took place during seventh bell on Wednesday, May 27. Coaches and players spoke during the ceremony, and the crowd consisted of teammates, friends, and family.

Nathan Zhang, opinion chief

Every athlete dreams of one day playing a sport at a college.

This dream came true when seven seniors (Deepak Indrakanti, Williams College; Nakul Narendran, Johns Hopkins; Victoria Swart, Liberty University; Maddie Locke, Winthrop University; Ryan Wahler, Miami University; Lisa Ruffin, Wright State University; and Ben Thiss, Radford University) officially signed to play sports at their respective colleges next year.

The ceremony, which took place during seventh bell on Wednesday, May 27, was packed, and each coach spoke about athletes they mentored, and each athlete reminisced the four-year experience they had, as well as thanked those that impacted them along the way.

“It was a fun experience, and it was really cool listening to the numerous achievements the seniors received,” freshman Ben Swart said.

The crowd during the signing consisted of a myriad of teammates, friends, and family.

“It was really nice to see so many people show up to the event. I truly will miss my friends from SHS, and the memories I have made will stay with me forever,” Indrakanti said.

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