Disobedient County Clerk released from prison


MCT Photo

Davis (second from right) celebrates at the rally for her following release from jail. Hundreds of people attended in support for Davis’s actions against gay marraige. In addition, some political figures like Mike Huckabee appeared.

Since the legalization of same-sex marriage, there have been many opposing the ruling. Few are as vocal as Rowan County Clerk, Kim Davis who has been released from jail on Sep. 8 for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The act of refusing to license marriages that are considered legal is a direct violation of not only the law, but of Davis’s job as County Clerk.

“As an elected official she has to take a pledge to uphold the law of Kentucky and the Constitution. As an official, she must meet that vow, but she violated it; when ordered to uphold same-sex marriage, she refused to comply so she ended up in jail in contempt of court,” government teacher Mr. Kevin Wittman said.

While millions of Americans are outraged at Davis’s actions, there are some like Republican presidential nominee Rick Santorum who have likened her to civil right freedom fighters.

“You know Martin Luther King went to jail because he didn’t follow the law… ‘you know the law has to change to accommodate what is the right thing to do, in their own moral judgment,” Santorum said on a New York radio show.

On even another side there are those like Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear who did not agree with her incarceration, but agreed what she was doing was wrong.

“What you have here was a public official… But then she decided she could pick out the duties she would perform — and not perform some of the others,” Beshar told reporters.

Although she has now been released from jail, Kim Davis and her actions continue to split America.