Bringing Garden Club back


Calliope Osborn

Students are bringing back the Garden Club. The club’s mission is to donate the vegetables they plant to the less fortunate and to help the earth and the members. Each meeting they either plant vegetables, plan events, or think of new ways to help other people.

There are many clubs here, ranging from American Sign Language to Shakespeare Club, but one organization has not been seen for awhile: Garden Club.

Sophomore Katie Wenzel said, “I’m really excited to get this club started up again.”

Along with Wenzel, other students including junior Brooke Baker, sophomore Tasha Baker, junior Kevin Berghoff, sophomore Taylor Kyle and sophomore Calli Osborn are bringing the Garden Club back.

Kyle said, “Gardening offers many benefits and I’m looking forward to bringing those to Sycamore High School. It has a great purpose about which I am very passionate.”

The Garden Club will be planting vegetables to donate to the less fortunate.  Not only is the Garden Club helping those in need, it will also help the earth and the club members.

Some of the benefits plants offer include helping clear the air and reducing erosion.

Wenzel said, “Gardening is a great way for getting some exercise and for stress relief.”

Watch for announcements on this new club, and contact any of the club members for more information.