Seeing SEE 1


McDaniels Photography

David Smarelli gives a speech before a SEE 1 concert. He has supported the orchestra and SEE 1 for years. His contributions has allowed Sycamore to have one of the best music programs in the state of Ohio.

Walking through the music hallway after school, one may see a group of students playing on their electric instruments. Meet SEE 1.

SEE 1 stands for Sycamore Electric Ensemble. Students from all grades play electric instruments such as violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, keyboard, and drums, meeting after school to prepare for concerts.

Every year, they have multiple concerts where people around Sycamore come to see the talents of the performers. Students in SEE 1 spent weeks practicing the pieces played in the concert.

Sophomore Sophia Ramos said, “SEE 1 is a great place for expert musicians to make their stand and show off their skills to hundreds of people in Sycamore.”

Over the years, they have  played with professionals such as Joe Deninzon, the lead singer of the band “Stratospheerius.”

Sophomore Adrian Oliver said, “SEE 1 is a great opportunity because you get to play with many professionals and meet other high-school musicians.”

SEE 1 is also a great opportunity for students not involved in this club to enjoy the rock music.

Freshman Shinya Nakahata said, “SEE 1 concerts are one of the best concerts SHS provides, and I look forward to every concerts.”

Tickets for concerts can be bought here.