Bringing students together


Julia Metalitskaya

Hanisch said, “My classmates, Genesis Combs and Julia Metalitskaya, had so much fun doing Twin day. They are best friends and I know they always like to do these sort of things together. I am excited to see what they come up with the rest of the week.”

During the week of Sept. 28 through Oct. 2, themed days centralized spirit, building up for the homecoming game on Fri., Oct. 2.

Monday took flight with Tie Dye day, and Tuesday soared high with Twin day. Later, Wednesday went above and beyond with College day, and Thursday circled the earth with Around the World day.

Junior Akshara Kapoor said, “My math teacher is giving extra credit for participating, so the whole class is all dressed up.”

Finally, the pep rally day, Friday, landed close to home with class colors. Freshman wore white, sophomores wore black, juniors wore gold, and seniors wore green.

The spirited excitement built up finally to the pep rally, where the classes competed in a spirit showdown.

Sophomore Christina Hanisch said, “The pep rallies are always so fun to participate in. They really help get the Ave Cave excited for big games like homecoming.”

The classes all came together for the last homecoming festivity, the dance. In the weeks before, couples paired up in clever and romantic ways.

Kapoor said, “The dance is an amazing way to close off the exciting week. With or without a date, everyone has fun dressing up and getting out on a Saturday night.”