What’s up with the Leaf?

Sydney Evans

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Coming out on Sept. 24 is the first sycamore newspaper in the 2015-2016 school year where the entire staff has written articles for.
Junior and first year journalism student Hannah Loftspring said, “I’m nervous about my story but I’ll be really excited if it gets into The Leaf.”
The staff dealt with multiple incidents regarding our August cover story of the Leaf and decided to have a lighter topic this month. After much deliberation and the submitting of multiple story ideas, the topic of haunts was chosen.
Each member of the staff was given an issue story to write for the upcoming Leaf or to design an info graphic like the ones that make up The Leaflet, the online magazine.
Sophomore columnist Taylor Close said, “I like designing infographic and it requires a different skill set than the leaf plus they’re a lot of fun to research and create.”
After getting their story students were required to write and turn in their stories by deadline week, starting Sept. 15.
With all the stories submitted, the editors begin designing The Leaf: placing the stories that will soon be read by not only the students and staff of The Leaf but also many other inhabitants of the sycamore communities and the world online.
The Leaf this year will also have an extended version online where all the stories that weren’t in the paper issue will be viewable.
Senior and editor of The Leaf Elizabeth Rickert said, “The extended version of The Leaf will have all the same content as The printed version, there will just be more content available for the public.”
However the students don’t stop there since The Leaf’s counterpart, the online magazine, the Leaflet, comes out soon after.
Close said, ”I like The Leaflet because it’s so appealing with all the pictures and infographics and it’s satisfying seeing the finished product when you know how much work was put in to it.”