Homecoming buzz takes over

Sydney Weiss

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McDaniel’s Photography.

Last year, the homecoming dance was Saturday, October 11. The theme to the dance was flashback. Throughout the week leading up to the game and dance, students wore items from past fashion trends.

Homecoming is generally recognized as the fall dance and game. However, at SHS we like to make it a much bigger deal. The dance, football game, pep rally, and parade are a few of the festivities that take place during homecoming season.

All of the components to last year’s homecoming were a hit. This year will be similar except for the dates.

Freshman Andy Greenberger said, “We are working to make this homecoming the best one yet. It is going to be a blast and everyone should go.”

Homecoming is a great event to spend time with friends and meet new people.

Senior Max Poff said, “Homecoming is great. I would recommend going even if you don’t have a date.”

Now is the time to start your homecoming plans. Attire, hair, makeup, dinner, and pictures are a few of the parts of homecoming that need to be decided.

Greenberger also said, “You should ask someone to go with you whether it’s a date or just going with a group of friends. It’s going to be a good time.”

It is natural to feel a little stress as the date gets closer and more dresses are being pulled off the racks. Everyone gets four homecomings, so chances are you will get it down to a science!